Top-notch healthcare

without the top-notch price

No waiting. No hassles.

Just full-service primary care on your terms.

What does Firefly Health Do?

We offer virtual primary care. That means medical care, mental health care, and health coaching. All based on your goals. All from your own dedicated team. All at your fingertips. From migraines to depression, back pain to diabetes, we’re with you at every step.

How does Firefly compare?

Typical Primary Care


Endless waiting (on hold, between visits, in waiting rooms)

Chat instantly with your own care team

Take half a day from work for a rushed 10-minute visit

Video visits from home, jobsites, breakrooms…wherever

See your doctor once a year, if lucky

Hear from your team every week, if needed

Finding specialist feels like an Olympic event

Your team guides you to top doctors near you

Dusty pamphlets about mental health, diet, and exercise

Continuous support for all your health goals

Are you an employer looking for a health plan?

With integrated care, navigation, and coverage, the Firefly health plan improves employee health and lowers your healthcare costs.