Don’t just change jobs. Change people’s lives.

At Firefly, we have a grand ambition to make healthcare more equitable, affordable, and human. It’s challenging, fulfilling, and a rare opportunity to make a lasting difference. Join us.

Employees at Firefly

Your future coworkers

To provide an exceptional member experience, of course we need problem solvers, big thinkers, and specific skill sets. But it’s more than that. Healthcare is intimate, personal, and daunting.

So we’re building a team grounded in trust, empathy, and dignity, where anyone and everyone feels safe, welcomed, and included. It’s the right thing to do and frankly, we can’t succeed any other way. Serving a highly diverse population requires a highly diverse team. It’s not an add-on or a nice-to-have. It’s our lifeblood.

Perks & benefits

Competitive salary

We focus on helping members thrive physically, mentally, and financially — and we want the same for our team.

Life and disability insurance

In general, we like to think we’re optimists. But we want to be prepared for anything.

Remote work flexibility

Our office or yours, it’s up to you. Most of our positions have the option to work remotely or in our Watertown, MA headquarters.

Medical, vision, and dental

The health plan is our own innovative, care-based coverage, offering you care teams, same-day video visits, behavioral health support, and mostly $0 copays.

Free weekly lunches

We offer catered lunches once a week in our Watertown office. Plus, we stock the kitchen with snacks, coffee, and tea.


And of course, we offer matching.

Paid Holidays and unlimited PTO

We take mental health seriously. So sure, you’ll work hard at Firefly, but you’ll also have the time you need to restore (or celebrate).

Weekly fitness and mindfulness classes

With weekly classes like desk stretches, yoga, meditation, and high-intensity fitness, we've got something for everyone, in the office and virtually.

Why Firefly? Hear it from our team.

At Firefly, we're a care provider, health plan, network, and tech platform, so you'll impact almost every inch of the healthcare system. You’ll work directly with compassionate clinicians, exceptional engineers, and remarkable product minds. Here’s what they have to say about working at Firefly.
Sarah Douglass
“We provide convenient, respectful, thorough care to people from all walks of life. Of course I end each day feeling fulfilled!”

Sarah Douglass

Registered Nurse

Jerrie Kumalah
“I love analytics and I love health. I get to do both at a disruptive startup with a vision for making healthcare more accessible and transparent.”

Jerrie Kumalah

Senior Analytics Engineer

Satoe Sakuma
“Changing healthcare means digging into the really challenging aspects of the system. You get to do that here with kind, dedicated, fun people.”

Satoe Sakuma

Software Engineer

Shaly  Lopez
“Getting good healthcare should be easy and understandable. I love that we work every day to achieve that.”

Shaly Lopez

Marketing Operations Manager

Our core values

We’re not kinda sorta gonna change healthcare. We’re doing it right now. Our values keep us grounded, reminders of who we are, how to be, and where we’re going.

We put members first.

Provide empathetic, optimal care for the wellbeing of members. Approach and accomplish work with members’ interests as the top priority.

We embrace discomfort.

Demonstrate a growth mindset. Seek out and be open to input and new challenges. Take time to share knowledge and provide constructive feedback.

We build trust every day.

Show consistent accountability and uncompromising honesty in actions. Do what you say; follow through on your commitments. Be proactive and responsive.

We remove the bloat.

Show clarity of thought and presentation. Innovate what matters most to improve efficiency and effectiveness for our members, clients, and colleagues.

We rise together.

Collaborate with teams to tackle hard problems. Treat others with dignity and respect, regardless of differences.

Join us!

Disrupting the status quo is a messy process, we’re not going to lie. But it’s so gratifying. You’ll stretch yourself. You’ll wear a bunch of different hats (some ill-fitting). And you’ll have the support you need to make a real impact.

Maybe you’ve never worked in healthcare or you have only some of the experience “required”. If you’re reading about what we do and who we are, and you’re nodding along, thinking “Yes, THAT,” then go for it. Dazzle us with your brilliance. We’re listening.
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