The right care + coverage changes everything

At Firefly Health, we deliver healthcare at its best — proactive, seamless, accessible, and affordable — because it’s what everyone deserves.

Our secret? Connection.

Engage members, empower their care, earn their trust. From our clinical model to our coverage design, our analytics to our app, this is the heart of everything we do. Because to receive healthcare is to be vulnerable. To consistently get better outcomes, people need to feel seen, heard,  supported. That’s where we start.

Smarter care means better outcomes

Our virtual-first care teams reach out to members early and often to make sure they feel supported. From quick questions to continuous help for chronic conditions, our members trust that we’re always ready to guide them to the exact care they need. The results are clear.


of members engage with Firefly on a weekly basis


cost reduction per member per month (PMPM)  for employers


Net Promoter Score for
Firefly members


of patients follow our guidance for specialist or in-person care


of hypertension and diabetes patients are ‘in control’


post-visit Customer Satisfaction Score

The Firefly Story

Chart a Course

Lasting change in healthcare has to center on individual needs. Make the care experience easier, more effective, more affordable, and the rest will follow.

Start with Care

With an emphasis on proactive support that builds trust and changes lives, we launched our virtual-first primary care service. 24/7 access to complete care (body + mind) in the palm of your hand.

Amplify the Impact

To meet the needs of our diverse members, we kept pushing. We expanded our network of partnerships with an eye on delivering the best virtual, in-person, and at-home care for anyone, anywhere.

Plan for More

And it worked. Better health, lower costs, happier members. To offer this experience to more people, to profoundly affect even more lives, we created our own health plan with care at the core.

Innovate Relentlessly

Under one roof, we’ve reinvented primary care, the network, the health plan, and the technology that enables it all. And yet, somehow, it feels like we’re just getting started.
For someone with anxiety, it can be hard to reach out and get care for myself. It's easy to send a message about what’s going on and get a quick response back from my Firefly team.
Firefly Member
30 minutes after I got to the ER on a Saturday night, I get a message from Dr. Greenberg saying, 'What's going on?' My mind was blown. I started crying 
like, 'Oh my God, I have 
a doctor!’
Firefly Member
It's hard to be sick and have to go see a doctor 
in person. I love getting 
a response back in that moment I'm not 
feeling well.
Firefly Member
It's primary care that looks at my whole self. They're saying, 'We’re the experts in healthcare, but you're the expert in your body.
Firefly Member

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Join the team

Turns out, changing healthcare is a pretty big job — and we’re hiring like crazy. We’re looking for big hearts and sharp, creative minds to help us deliver an unforgettable experience to our members.