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Healthcare benefits built by clinicians

With Firefly’s team-based advanced primary care and virtual-first health plan, employees get higher-quality primary care and better affordability, while employers see meaningful savings. It's a win-win.

Why Firefly?

Our nationally-scalable care with accountability to quality is one-of-a-kind.

Delivering seamless care with virtual-first plans

Employers are ditching traditional health plans for virtual-first options. Why? The future of healthcare is here, and it goes beyond just virtual care. It's about creating a seamless ecosystem where convenience, comprehensive care, and personalized health plans come together as one.

Virtual-first health plans are about a seamless ecosystem where friendly, clinically-minded humans guide members through a network of integrated care. Think personalized navigation, care teams, pharmacists, dietitians, and specialists – all under one virtual roof.

  • Converge comprehensive care and innovative plan design into an integrated ecosystem.
  • Align financial incentives
  • Guide members towards high-value providers
  • Offer choice at the specialist level (vs narrow network)
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Comprehensive primary care and health plan offerings


Continuous engagement with patients


Nationwide coverage

Reimagining primary care

Employees deserve more than ghost networks and six-week wait times to see the doctor. With Firefly, employers can provide higher-quality, and more accessible care to employees.

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Healthcare works better when it's proactive rather than reactive

We believe better primary care starts with building member relationships. By earning their trust, we become their go-to health resource. Our model focuses on proven, team-based, personalized care (including behavioral health) to better manage chronic disease, promote total well-being, and prevent costly complications.

Help your clients expand access to high-quality care


Happier and healthier employees

We believe healthcare works better when it is proactive rather than reactive, so we give our members 24/7 access to a clinical team that is personally involved with their ongoing care.

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Reduce costs, improve outcomes

Our primary care and network expertise minimize unnecessary expenses. We share the risk for both clinical success and cost savings through our unique payment structure. This means healthier employees, lower healthcare costs, and a win-win for your clients.


Better health outcomes than benchmarks


Pharmacy savings in Year 1 (with our preferred PBM)


TCOC savings

“Unlike most insurance products that focus on the administrative layers of the stack and then bolt on third-party care delivery services as an afterthought, Firefly started with a foundation in primary care, before evolving into a full-stack benefit to capture the full value of the care being delivered. They are poised to be a true healthcare quarterback to the 56M+ Americans covered by employer-sponsored health benefits.”
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Julie Yoo
General Partner, a16z

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Want to dive deeper?

Get in touch to learn more about how you can help your clients elevate their benefits ecosystem with Firefly's Advanced Virtual Primary Care and Health plan offerings.