On-demand webinar: Assessing the Rise of Virtual-First Health Plans

Published July 28, 2023

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This panel will discuss the rise of virtual-first health plans: are they just an over-hyped trend or are they the future?

Join us for Market Momentum: Assessing the Rise of Virtual-First Health Plans and hear about the evolving landscape of plan design innovation as industry experts assess the rise of virtual-first health plans. You’ll get the scoop on what virtual-first plans are, how they differ from traditional plans and why they’re gaining so much attention. Our panel of experts will break down both the perks and pitfalls of implementing this new model, and explore whether they’re set to become the new normal.

Specifically, we’ll unpack:

  • Fundamental aspects of a virtual-first health plan
  • When “virtual-first” doesn’t go far enough: how to ensure outcomes
  • Potential pitfalls with virtual-first products: assessing signals from early adopters
  • Finding the right partners to develop a virtual-first product to meet the unique needs of your population
Caricature of Fay Rotenberg

Fay Rotenberg

Chief Executive Officer, Firefly Health

Caricature of Jessica Bartlett

Jessica Bartlett

Medical Writer, Boston Globe

Caricature of Kevin Fyock

Kevin Fyock

North American Innovation and Commercialization Leader, Aon

Caricature of Ashley Yeats

Ashley Yeats, MD, FACEP, FCFPC(EM), CHIE

Vice President, Medical Operations, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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