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5 ways healthcare innovators turn employers into skeptics

Does anything lose its shine quicker than a new healthcare benefit? Employers spend endless months researching, sorting, prioritizing, negotiating, implementing, and finally, marketing to employees.

Is Virtual-First Care As Valuable As In-Person Care For My Employees?

The vast majority of primary care interactions do not require a face-to-face visit. And the virtual-first PCP model drives value in two key areas where in-person care consistently falls short: access and engagement. At Firefly, we use a combination of video visits and rapid-response in-app messaging to deliver clear results.

Employee Support: Celebrate Mental Health Awareness in May

One of the best ways to support your employees and their loved ones is to address the topic of mental health openly in the workplace. May is a great opportunity to focus on Mental Health Awareness (although it should be a year round focus!) and here are a few tips.

4 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Reduce and Manage Stress

Stress. It’s something present in everyone’s lives, at some point or another. We aim to support our members (and anyone else who needs it) with resources to live their best life, physically AND emotionally. Here are some useful tips to alleviate stress in your life, curated by the thoughtful experts on our clinical team.

How Benefits Leaders are Preparing for 2022

To help you prepare for 2022, we've compiled some recent resources to help you navigate our new normal across healthcare costs, virtual care, and keeping your remote employees healthy.

How Fully-Insured SMBs Can Act as a Self-Insured Employer

A self-insured plan offers employees improved flexibility and saves them significant money as well. In this blog, Firefly Health outlines how to know if your SMB is ready to move to a self-insured plan and things to consider before doing so.

A Modern Healthcare Model for the Modern-Day Business

Download this case study today to read how Tremont Construction's benefits team was able to offer convenient, effective medical care for their small yet diverse group of team members.

Free White Paper: Employer strategies to better manage health care costs

Download this free white paper to learn what's driving the increase in healthcare costs and how comprehensive primary care can lower those costs.