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Primary care everyone can count on

Firefly Health’s virtual-first care is consistent, advanced, and accountable. Members can access it anytime for quality care towards better outcomes.

Make primary care more accessible for more members

We believe better primary care starts with building genuine relationships with members. Once we earn their trust, we become their go-to health resource. Better experiences, outcomes, and savings all follow.

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High-quality, team-based care

When you remove the barriers of distance and travel time, getting care is so much easier. Our virtual-first care teams provide consistent access to essential health services, as well as integrated behavioral health and health coaching.


50 states

(and D.C.) now have active Firefly patients



Extended hours visits


< 3 days

to next available appointment

Higher quality, better outcomes

Unlike most virtual care providers, Firefly is designed for longitudinal care. We take an interdisciplinary approach to keep members engaged and working towards better health. Our outcomes exceed benchmarks for the most common chronic conditions, which in turn saves money for our partners.

Our chronic condition outcomes are 50%-80% better than the gold standards.
  • Personalized care for every member
  • Collaborative Care Model guides our interdisciplinary care teams
  • Continuous measurement of population health
  • Evidence-based care with NCQA and HEDIS quality measurement
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Costs, controlled

Instead of conforming to the fee-for-service model that’s come to define primary care, we create real value for members and are held accountable for outcomes.

Diabetes under control




Industry Standard


Savings per diabetes patient, compared to like patients

Control=A1c < 8.
Data reflects all Firefly Health members as of April, 2023.

“30 minutes after I got to the ER on a Saturday night, my Firefly doc messaged me, ‘What’s going on?’ My mind was blown. I started crying, ‘Oh my God, I have a doctor!’”
Audrey T.
Carries an EpiPen

Let’s be innovation partners

Looking to give your members future-forward care? That’s what we’re all about. As your partner, we’ll help you stay ahead of the curve, finding new ways to grow and deepen your integrated offerings. Partnership can take a number of different forms, too

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BCBSMA to Launch New Virtual Primary Care Option

Consumers win with expanded access to virtual care as Blue Cross partners with leading provider Firefly Health.

“We’re delighted to offer this high-quality, convenient option, supporting our Members, as always, with our Maine-based care teams who have on-the-ground knowledge of the local resources so critical to our Members’ overall well-being.”
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Dr. Lori Tishler
Chief Medical Officer, Community Health Options

Ready to connect when you are

We’re here to help your members reduce cost through care that keeps people engaged. Get in touch to learn how Firefly fits into your offerings.