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What is virtual primary care?

At first glance, virtual primary care might seem like just another passing symptom of COVID-19, like telehealth or telemedicine. But its increasing popularity suggests otherwise. Here’s what you need to know about virtual primary care and Firefly’s unique approach.

How does virtual primary care work?

Simply put, virtual primary care is a form of primary care that leverages technology to give patients convenient face time with their primary care provider(s). The entire visit can be done from wherever, whenever. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. No need to leave work early to beat traffic on the way to the doctor’s office or waste time sitting in a waiting room.

While the method remains pretty consistent across the board, not all virtual primary care providers share the same approach. As you look for a virtual primary care provider, it’s important to choose the practice that resonates most with your health goals.
At Firefly, we believe in a holistic approach to primary care. That means our patients don’t just get access to a primary care provider but a whole care team that really takes the time to listen and get to know every unique person. Every patient gets a personalized experience with their needs at the center.

The best part? Your entire care team is always available through our app. Video chat with your clinician from anywhere, message your health guide with a quick question, to send a photo, or request a prescription refill in no time. It’s the most convenient way to get the care you deserve.

Where does traditional primary care fall short?

Besides the obvious, there are few notable differences between virtual and traditional primary care. We have heard time and time again from our patients about the struggles they’ve had with their previous healthcare relationships. Some key frustrations about their traditional primary care experiences were:

  • Lack of responsiveness
  • Lack of equality
  • Lack of empathy and caring
  • Their PCP not taking responsibility
  • Feeling judged, disempowered, or invalidated

How is virtual primary care different from traditional primary care?

Our members get 24/7 access to superior care from a team who knows them, including a nurse practitioner, physician, health guide, and behavioral health specialist, PLUS, when needed, we navigate care to the best virtual-first and in-person partners for all medical needs. Watch this short explainer video to hear more about our unique approach to primary care.

Responsiveness and continuous contact

No more waiting for a yearly physical to run through a list of your questions before being rushed out. Your health is complex and deserves ongoing maintenance. We focus on great care during your visits, but also incredible support between the visits. Our clinicians will always follow up and you can reach us through the app anytime.

Direct access to a collaborative care team

With virtual primary care at Firefly you get an entire team focused on your health. That includes a physician, nurse practitioner and health guide, as well as behavioral support, if needed, all at your fingertips. No more Googling symptoms, anxiety while you wait to hear back from your doctor, or having to piece things together for yourself.

Humanity through clear guidance

From urgent care to chronic conditions, our team of compassionate clinicians is here to help you navigate it all to create meaningful health outcomes. We will ensure that you feel seen and heard, and although we can handle most primary care virtually, we also have an amazing network of in-person partners to lean on.

How is virtual primary care different from telehealth?

While telehealth has kept many people safe during the pandemic, allowing them to have one-off medical interventions remotely, many of these interactions are transactional and lack continuity.
Virtual primary care maintains the best parts of the important relationships formed in traditional care, but takes it even further with state-of-the-art communications technology for refreshingly convenient and personalized service.

Firefly’s care team providers are your long term healthcare partners and take responsibility for your health with frequent check-ins and customized care plans. Our holistic approach also incorporates behavioral and mental health support when needed.

What can virtual primary care treat?

Virtual primary care can cover most health needs via phone, video visit or in-app messaging. We can virtually fill prescriptions or provide referrals, create care plans for disease prevention through lifestyle changes (such as diet and exercise), manage chronic conditions (such as diabetes and hypertension), diagnose and treat most acute illnesses, and provide mental health support as well. For more details on exactly what issues we treat, check out our services page

What can virtual primary care not treat?

We do recognize there are times it's best to be seen in person. With a large network of in-person partners, we'll make sure you get the best care possible for things such as in-person acute and urgent care, lab tests, diagnostics and specialist referrals.

About Firefly Health

Firefly Health was born from the belief that people deserved more than our broken healthcare system. We wanted to create a service that provided more people easier access to better primary care. Thanks to an empathy-driven virtual approach, a world-class clinical team, a trusted partner network and intuitive technology built around people, we can turn that vision into a reality.

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