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Skip the wait. Get great healthcare.

No matter what your health concerns or questions, Firefly is here for all of it 24/7. With chat and video visits, you have complete care right at your fingertips.

Why everyone needs a PCP:

A primary care doctor (a.k.a. PCP), like Firefly Health, helps you stay on top of checkups, tackle health concerns big or small, manage ongoing conditions, and connects you with specialists if needed. Think of Firefly as your pocket doctor – great healthcare, anytime, anywhere.

A PCP should be your first point of contact for all health concerns.If you have one, you won’t need to scramble to find a doctor when you’re feeling sick—or have a question.

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A team approach to better health

Your health happens between doctor visits, not at them. More than just annual wellness visits, your Firefly care team delivers ongoing support. And of course, all Firefly providers are fully licensed. You choose your care team when you sign up.


Primary care doctor

Every team needs a steady hand to show the way. Your Firefly doctor coordinates and personalizes your care to meet your specific needs.


Nurse practitioner (NP)

Your NP will be the first to hop on a video call or answer your chats, so you’ll feel known and supported no matter what comes up.


Health Guide

From healthier eating to lowering stress, your health guide is here for you. With practical tips and positive support, you’ll feel empowered to be your healthiest you.


Behavioral Health Specialist

Your licensed behavioral health specialist will assess your concerns, create a plan, and check your progress along the way.

Yes, you can still get in-person care

Most services can be performed virtually by your Firefly primary care team. However, when in-person services are needed─such as listening to your heart, checking an ankle sprain, etc─you’ll be referred to one of the facilities in the Firefly In-Person Primary Care Network. Care received within this comprehensive network is available at no additional cost and is made up of:

  • Urgent care centers managed by Next Level Urgent Care
  • Retail clinics operated by CVS Minute Clinics
  • Acadian, which is an in-home provider offering coverage to those living in a zip code that begins with the following three digits - 770, 772, 773, 774, 775, 789

And for specialists, imaging, and labs?
We’re happy to work with your current providers or connect you with one of our partners. We’ll take care of the referral and make sure your care is well coordinated.


How to get started with Firefly

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    Sign up online and get our app

    Start signup on the web, finish in the Firefly Health app.

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    Select your care team

    Browse our teams and find one that's right for you.

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    Book your first video visit

    Get your first appointment on your calendar!

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See how Firefly works

Meet Firefly Health: Virtual Primary Care for Allied Benefit Systems employees

Firefly's app is each to navigate. From picking a primary care provider, scheduling appointments, getting prescription refills, and more.

Watch this video to see what healthcare on your terms and schedule looks and feels like.

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