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Refreshingly convenient healthcare

Together with IDEXX, we've created a health plan just for you. Our goal? To make accessing healthcare so easy and affordable, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Firefly Health, a new virtual-first health plan option

Electing the Firefly health plan ensures you'll receive Firefly’s anytime, anywhere primary care, as well as complete healthcare coverage. The outcome? Exceptional and convenient healthcare for all your needs.

We make sure you have affordable options for getting the care you need. With Firefly, you’ll have virtual primary care at no cost* and when you follow Firefly guidance to high quality providers, you’ll see no cost* for most services.

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*For more details on member cost share, please view the plan summary of benefits document when it is made available.

Firefly health plan 101

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Here are the essentials to know about your plan:

  • No-cost* Firefly virtual primary care
  • Healthcare coverage in all 50 states
  • Unlimited video visits & chat with your Firefly care team
  • Personalized care plans and health coaching
  • Integrated physical & mental healthcare
  • See your claims and ask questions
  • Support finding high-quality providers and specialists
  • Refill prescriptions with 2 clicks

Yes, you can still get in-person care

Firefly's primary care is virtual-first. Anytime you have a health concern, you can reach out to us easily within the Firefly app. Most care can safely be delivered virtually by your Firefly care team. When you do need in-person primary care (for example a physical exam or a swab), your Firefly care team will guide you to Firefly Nearby providers in your area – these may be urgent care clinics, clinics with retail stores, or even providers that come to your home.

If you need more than primary care, there is a good reason to reach out to Firefly. Whenever you want to see an in-network provider such as a specialist, Firefly will give you a set of recommendations to high-quality providers within the First Health network that are in your area and meet your needs and your preferences (e.g. gender, distance, etc.). When you get and follow recommendations from Firefly on an in-network provider, your care will be more affordable.

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Firefly primary care, included at no cost

When you choose the Firefly Health plan, you'll get a new PCP (and care team) from Firefly. Your Firefly team will be able to handle all your primary care needs ranging from preventative care to acute concerns, managing chronic conditions, and coordinating with any specialists you may have. No matter what health concerns you have, your care team will provide you with personalized care to make sure you are staying healthy and achieving your health goals.

Firefly care teams are made of licensed providers – a physician, a nurse practitioner, and if needed, a health guide and behavioral health specialist. You'll be able to choose from available teams once you have access to the Firefly app (after open enrollment).

Find in-network doctors

  • All adults on the Firefly plan should plan to make Firefly their PCP. But when you need a different kind of care, you have a vast pool of providers to choose from.
  • The Firefly health plan uses a provider network called First Health, with over 1 million providers, specialists, hospitals, and facilities in all 50 U.S. states and D.C.
  • Do you live in Maine? If so, InterMed providers are in-network* with your Firefly health plan too.
    *In-network status applies to all InterMed providers except adult primary care.
  • Already have specialists or a pediatrician you like? A Firefly member guide can check if they’re in-network and if they qualify for Firefly’s Tier 1 benefits.

Check coverage + eligibility


  1. Give us a few details about your providers
  2. A Firefly Member Guide will investigate and email reliable results in a couple of days
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How to get started

If you’ve selected Firefly Health for your 2024 coverage during IDEXX Open Enrollment, your next step is to download the Firefly app. Search for “Firefly Health” in the App Store or Google Play or click the link below to get started.

New to IDEXX?

Firefly Health is a coverage option available to you. Learn more above or review your IDEXX benefits handbook, resources posted on the Intradexx and Decision Doc for additional information.

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