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How to Stop Skin Cancer Before it Starts

With summer on the horizon, we're all looking forward to long days spent soaking up rays. But unfortunately, beautiful days bring some not-so-sunny problems with them — including skin cancer. Because prevention is always better than cure, we're giving you simple tips to protect yourself this summer (and all year round, too).

Look Out for Lyme: Tips for Prevention & Detection

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in the United States, affecting a whopping 30,000 Americans each year. While treatable, it can lead to some serious health complications when left undetected. That's why it's important to know the signs and symptoms — and when to seek prompt medical attention.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Depression

Life is not a straight line for anyone. We all experience ups and downs, bouts of blues, and periods of sadness that eventually pass with time. For some, however, these feelings aren't a phase — they're symptoms of depression.

The Low-Down on High Blood Pressure

Hypertension (aka high blood pressure) is a common yet potentially dangerous concern. Because it often has no noticeable symptoms, it's important to know your risk factors — and take steps to reduce them.

A Numbers Game with Diabetes

With so many aspects of diabetes being measured in numbers, it’s no wonder why managing it can get overwhelming. But if you know what numbers to keep an eye out for, it doesn’t have to.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron deficiency can leave you feeling all kinds of blah: lethargic, weak, and irritable. Here's how to spot signs of iron deficiency anemia — and when you should seek help.