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We took the traditional network and supercharged it to give you more options for better care. Our network is one of the largest in the country, plus we guide you to trusted partners for the best in-person and virtual care.

Meet the First Health network

You may not have heard of First Health, but you’ll see their logo on your member ID card. That’s because First Health is your plan’s network. And that’s a great thing. You have over 1 million providers to choose from.
Member network care options
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Guidance to high-quality providers

Firefly Health uses the First Health network. Any provider in the First Health network is an in-network provider. Referrals are not required, but when you do reach out to Firefly, we’ll give you personalized guidance to high-quality providers for your needs and your copays may be lower.

Pro Tip

Choose Firefly as your PCP and get free virtual care with same-day video visits.

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We'll guide you to a physical location when and where you need it.

1 million

Nationwide in-person providers and specialists


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Physical clinics

50 states

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Chat with us in the Firefly Health app or call us. We’ll recommend top-rated providers, and for many services, get you a $0 copay with Care Pass.

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