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Demand for cost savings, innovative and simple health plans, and virtual care is only rising. Firefly is meeting that demand with a unique product its members know and trust. 

Data-driven cost savings for employers

Our virtual-first model is built on eliminating unnecessary in-person visits without sacrificing quality care. Your clients save on a reduction of costly claims and insurance premiums through better management of chronic disease, preventive care, and patient engagement. We can also deliver unique data and insights to you so your clients can see exactly how they are saving with Firefly.
Illustration of Firefly's care model.
Illustration of Firefly's care model.
Employee's healthcare clinical team surrounding patient

Happier and healthier employees 

We believe healthcare works better when it is proactive rather than reactive, so we give our members 24/7 access to a clinical team that is personally involved with their ongoing care. As a result, clients and members have reported better health outcomes, greater satisfaction, and more frequent engagement.
It's primary care that looks at my whole self. They're saying, 'We’re the experts in healthcare, but you're the expert in your body. Did that fix it? Did it not fix it?' The proactive outreach is huge.
Firefly Member
My old doctor said, ‘Yeah, we can totally see you…in two and a half months.’ I thought, ‘So what do I do until then?’ I looked around and found Firefly. They saw me the same day with a virtual appointment.
Firefly Member
Firefly's on the tech frontier without losing the human factor. There's an actual person on the other end. I don't have to hop in the car, go down there and have somebody hit my knee with a hammer.
Firefly Member
For someone with anxiety, it can be hard to reach out and get care for myself. It's easy to send a message about what’s going on and get a quick response back from my Firefly team.
Firefly Member
30 minutes after I got to the ER on a Saturday night, I get a message from Dr. Greenberg saying, 'What's going on?' My mind was blown. I started crying like, 'Oh my God, I have a doctor!’
Firefly Member
It's hard to be sick and have to go see a doctor in person. I love getting a response back in that moment I'm not feeling well. I’ve really appreciated the real-time communication with Firefly.
Firefly Member

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